Pseudolithos migiurtinus is one of the rarest of the succulent milkweeds (Asclepiadaceae). It occurs naturally in a very difficult country to get into (and most importantly, out of); Somalia. These plants, like most of the succulent milkweeds (stapeliads) are generally fly pollinated and conveniently smell like rotten meat or some type of manure. This species is not ideal to propagate. They are successfully grown from seed once the seed is in hand.

Meyer Lemon Topiary: No patio garden or home is complete without an edible component, and this little Lemon tree is the perfect solution! Displaying a lush habit of glossy green leaves, small white, fragrant blooms, and deliciously sweet-zesty fruit, it’s a year-round delight for cooks or chefs or anyone else who wants a unique addition to their garden.

It\u2019s the mess in your garage ? now you\u2019re in the mood to get everything organized before winter in order to find your tools back at spring time ? Here below are easy garden tools organizations you can make. This not only keeps them organized and out of the way, but it also allows easy access to th\u2026